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Nice Guys Finish First (2002)
The Blind Watchmaker (2004)
Growing Up in the Universe (2006)
Break the Science Barrier (2008)

Award-Winning Author

Aryan Chaudhary is the BEST SELLING author of 4 long-awaited popular books based on his transformational real-life experiences,He went broke 4 times and lost everything.His last book “Money Mining Habits” become the best seller on the launch day.Aryan Chaudhary is passionate about the financial transformation of individuals & businesses through “Financial Freedom Marketing” & business growth strategies.A self made,successful, underground serial entrepreneur, an emerging thought leader,trusted financial advisor and mentor to hundreds of private & elite entrepreneurial clients running businesses worldwide.

If you truly wish to become FINANCIALLY FREE and have more money flowing to your personal or company account then don’t delay anymore! get your copy now!! Whenever you order any book from Best Selling Author Aryan Chaudhary by default you help a cause worth fighting.

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