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by Aryan Chaudhary


“I read a lot of nonfiction books and this one is by far one of the best I’ve read in a very long time!  It’s not a book you just read and go on with, it’s the kind of book you keep along and re-read over and over again to make sure you are progressing in life! ” —Alina Dsouza

“Stunning! Simply goodness!! What a profound, quick and foundation book on self improvement by Aryan Chaudhary. I highly recommend this book to everybody because these propensities will be foundational for your richness and success in life. ” — Jaysingh Arya

“Understanding our outlook is for sure fundamental as I have perused from this superb book. As I read its substance it gave me the reasonable thought of its motivation. It propelled me to do as well as can possibly be expected as I manage the distinctive circumstances throughout my life.  It’s worth of your time and money. Thumbs up!  ” —Reima Jain

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What is ''MONEY MINING HABITS'' book?

This book is your journey to success you have already started.  You are already on this path because you know that your HABITS causes actions and your ACTIONS causes results and your results ultimately define your STATUS in life. You know that you can be as rich as your habits or your will be as poor as your habits and you have made a choice to Grow, RISE UP  personally & financially.

       You know that your need to learn NEW habits to produce NEW RESULTS in your life and the best way to learn about new habits are books, books written out of real life experiences and not by professional authors or writers.

      Since childhood and later when I was struggling to be successful in my business, I was extremely curious what makes somebody so rich and what keeps people poor in life and out of 7 years of my entrepreneur hectic journey which has been really hard, I started observing, reading, watching interviews of other successful CEO’s and World class leaders and I started implementing those habits, patterns, processes in my life on personal & professional ground and my results were entirely different and way higher I calculated.

      In the process I went bankrupt 4 times and realized that I achieved what I could because of the habits I formed and I lost it all because of the habits I didn’t form in me, be it personal habits, financial habits, intellectual habits, social habits, work habits, emotional habits etc.. so I decided to get back again and again and fight for my destiny. In simple words.

”You can say what you know can build you but what you don’t know can destroy you.”

after few years of struggle, I achieved some of my goals and the next milestone was FINANCIAL FREEDOM so I decided to write down 20% of the habits which gave me almost 80% results near my goals. I started writing down in an app called evernote, later on documented it as a 215 pages book with a little bit fine tuning.

      This book is not written for making money although it will make some, I wrote it for people who seriously need help, who were born poor or middle class like me but decided to RISE UP when nobody is ready to support you, nobody believes in you and nobody cares about you, SCREW THEM and DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO BE SUCCESSFUL and LIVE YOUR DREAMS, one day, very soon your will see the NEW RESULTS and your life will never be the same again. How do I know it? because I have been through it.

Ask yourself what is it you truly WANT? RICHNESS OR POVERTY?

#1. this book will show you what habits will make you RICH (practice them)

#2. this book will show you what habits will hold you POOR (avoid them in life)

#3. this book will show you what habits will keep you RICH lifelong. (make decisions using those fundamentals)

#4. this book will show you what habits will help you PRODUCING MONEY. (stay highly productive and achieve up to 100x results without any self-doubt)

#5. this book will not waste your time at all

Go ahead, Read it once…and you will love to read it again.

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